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Time Universal is a powerhouse of integrated marketing communications (IMC) that has been sparking innovation and inspiration for nearly 20 years. With a crew of brilliant and dedicated minds, Time Universal has collaborated with top world-class and national brands in Vietnam, such as Honda, Piaggio, Porsche, Vingroup, Sacombank, Techcombank, Vietinbank, and many more.

Time Universal provides a comprehensive suite of services, including branding, advertising, digital, PR, events, and media planning and buying. Time Universal values lasting relationships with its clients, based on honesty, openness, and mutual respect. We empower our clients to reach their business objectives and make a positive difference in their audiences and society. Time Universal is more than an agency, it’s your ally in your journey to success.

TIME GROUP, Chairman

Phạm Minh Toàn

Toan Pham (TONY) is a technology engineer and entrepreneur who has built a empire of businesses in various fields and industries. He started his career as a coder for a leading technology company in Japan, where he developed his skills and knowledge in software development, artificial intelligence, and robotics. He soon realized his potential and ambition to create his own products and services that could solve problems and improve lives.

In 2004, he founded Time Universal Communications, a small company that provided communication solutions for businesses and consumers. Time Universal quickly expanded its offerings and markets, becoming one of the most successful and innovative companies in Vietnam. Toan also established Time Books, Time Publishing that produce and distribute content across multiple platforms, including print, and online that cater to various audiences and interests. Time Books has published several influential and best-selling authors, while Time Publishing is providing a platform for new and emerging writers.

Tony also launched HOZO Music Festival, an international festival that celebrates music, film, art, and creativity. HOZO Festival has become one of the most anticipated and attended events in Vietnam, featuring renowned and emerging artists and creators. Toan is a visionary engineer and entrepreneur who has changed the world with his diverse and cutting-edge businesses. He is also a philanthropist who supports various causes and initiatives related to education, innovation, and sustainability.

TIME GROUP, Vice Chairman

Đỗ Hoa

Do Hoa is a journalist-turned-entrepreneur who has built a diverse and successful group of companies in the fields of media, publishing, and entertainment. She started her career as a reporter for newspapers, covering stories on art, culture and business. She soon developed a passion for storytelling and a vision for creating platforms that connect people and ideas.

In 2004, she founded Time Universal Communications that specializes in content creation, branding, and digital strategy. The agency has been serving clients from various industries and sectors.

In 2019, Hoa also created HOZO Music Festival, a international culture and entertainment festival that showcases local and international artists, performers, and creators. HOZO Festival has become an annual event that attracts thousands of attendees and sponsors. Not just being the founder of the festival, Hoa is also its Marcom Director. The PR and Communications Campaign for the festival run by her strategic plan and management has won the VNPR Award for Best PR & Communication Campaign on Destination Marketing on 2023. She has received numerous recognitions for her achievements and contributions to the industry and society.

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